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EMCO MAXXTURN 65 W/ Edge Rebel 80 Servo Driven Bar Feeder Including Collet Chucks, Tooling Blocks, and Kennametal Tooling

CNC turning center for the complete machining of turned / milled parts with two spindles, milling turret, Y-axis integrated spindle motors on main and counter spindle (water-cooled) and preloaded roller guides in all axes. State-of-the-art control technology SINUMERIK ONE with ShopTurn dialog programming.

Machine Specifications

Work Area

Travel in X/Y/Z:  260/80/610 mm

Bar diameter:  65 mm

Max turning diameter:  500mm

Swing over bed:  725mm

Spindle distance Main-Counter:  840 mm

Rapid motion speed in X/Y/Z:  30/15/30 m/min

Main spindle

• Spindle nose A2-6 (DIN 55026)

• Max. bar capacity ø65 mm

• Max. drive power: 29 kW

• Max. torque: 250 Nm

• Spindle speed range: 0-5000 rpm

Counter spindle

• Spindle nose A2-6 (DIN 55026)

• Max. drive power: 22 kW

• Max. torque: 130 Nm

• Spindle speed range: 0-6000 rpm


• Travel range: +/-40mm


• Through-hole clamping cylinder incl. draw tube

• C-axis for main and counter spindle

• Air condition unit for electrical


• LED Machining area lamp

• coolant system

 - 1 pump @ 3,5 bar for the turret

 - 1 pump @ 3,5 bar to keep the

 working area clean

• Parts ejector and coolant through the


• Air gun with spiral hose

• Hydraulic unit

• Interface for chip conveyor

Sinumerik ONE / OPERATE

• 22 "multi-touch display

• SHOPTURN dialog programming

• 3D simulation

• Monitoring for simulation

• Rest material removing cycle

• Execution from External Storage

• CAD-Reader (DXF-Import)

• TRANSMIT and TRACYL for C-axis programming

• USB interface

• Network drive (Ethernet)

• PC keyboard including HMI hotkeys

General Data

• Dimensions (LxWxH):  3350 x 2330 x 2405 mm

Machine weight:  7,000 kg




The VDI30 standard turret is replaced

by a 12-station BMT turret with direct

drive and BMT55P precision interface.

Max. speed: 12000 rpm

Max. drive power: 10 kW

Max. torque: 30 Nm


To measure the tool length inside the machine. The tool measuring arm is manually mounted in the machine and can be used to set tool length on several turrets. 

Bar Feeder Specifications


• Bar Diameter Capacity: 8mm to 80mm (.315" to 3.15")

• Bar Length Capacity: 60" (Spindle length determines max bar length)

• Magazine Capacity is 30 Linear inches

• Mitsubishi PLC controller

• Automatically adjusts for bar diameter and part length

• Automatically adjusts pusher thrust for bar size

• Soft load material presenation

• Complete setup in 3 minutes

• Accurate positioning without a mechanical stop

• Spindles Liner storage included on rear of stand

• 2 free spindle liners included with current package

Standard Accessories:

• All electrical operation - no shop air required

• Fixed piece feed-out and sub-spindle mode

• Touch screen control

• Program memory for 300 specific jobs

• Return and wait function (reduces bar change time by 30%)

• Standard X axis axial shift

• Includes 10mm and 19mm pushers

• Lathe spindle speed can be maximized

• Material can be round, hexagonal or shaped

• Material length can be uniform or random

Royal Collet Chucks

Main Spindle: Royal Quick Grip Accu-Length Collet Chuck QG-65

Sub-Spindle: Royal Quick-Grip™ Accu-Length™ CNC Collet Chuck QG-65 Ultra-Compact

  • 10-Second Collet Changes Slash Setup Times.

  • Industry-Leading Gripping Range – 0.062"

  • Ultra-Precision Accuracy – 0.0002" TIR Guarenteed.

  • Compact and ultra-compact models to suit all machines and applications.

  • Extreme Grip Force = Most Aggressive Chip Removal Rates and Fastest Cycle Times.

  • Maximum Rigidity Produces Superior Part Finishes.

  • Best Tool Clearance – Critical For Live Tooling.


Variety of WTO stationary and live too holders along with a KM quick connect and Kennametal Tooling Included. Please inquire for full details. 

Kennametal Tooling Voucher for 50% off tooling included in machine tool offer.

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