Tooling Videos

Videos from the companies we currently represent showing off a sampling of their products

Cogsdill Recessing Heads

A brief explaination of how Cogsdill recessing heads function and what applications they can be used for. Click here for more Cogsdill product videos​​

DrillsMasters/Eldorado Company Overview

An overview of the company and their product.  For more DrillMaster videos, click here



Kennametal Beyond Blast

Beyond Blast percision coolant technology brought to you by kennametal.  Click here for more Kennametal product videos​                   

Kyocera Products

A summary and explanation of the new products introduced by Kyocera in 2014.  Click here for more Kyocera videos.​

Lovejoy Double Mill - 650 series

A sample of one of the many quality products lovejoy has to offer.  Click here for more Lovejoy videos​​

Somma Tool Rotary Broaching

A quick example of both internal and external rotary broaching. Click here to find out more about broaching with the Somma Tool Company

Walter Titex X-Treme Drilling

High quality drills for a variety of applications and materials.  Click here for more Walter Videos