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Tornos keeps you turning.  Since 1914 Tornos has been a leader in Swiss style turning machines.  Whether machining simple or highly complex parts, in small or large runs, Tornos machines can offer you a solution guaranteed to meet your needs.

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The SwissNano is a precision specialist when it comes to micro and nano parts.  The machine comes in 2 Versions (4 and 7mm) and has an unbeatably small footprint. Unique ergonomics and a completely openable work area make setup as easy as possible. The SwissNano Series has 6 linear axes, 2 C-Axes, and up to 18 tools.

Swiss DT.png


The Swiss DT series is a cost effective way to maximize productivity.  6 Different models from 13 to 38mm cover a wide range of parts along with a plug and play B-Axis option.  These 5 Linear axis machines maintain many of the comforts of the GT series including a fully modular machining area and an easy to remove guidebushing.

Swiss GT.jpg


The Swiss GT series are about high accuracy production without sacrificing on flexibility or ease of use.  The 6-Axis machines come in 3 sizes from 13 to 32mm with the larger 2 sizes having up to 40 tools.  A B-axis option is also available to make this platform even more capable.  Easily swap between working with or without a guidebushing thanks to Tornos's innovative design.   Other benefits to this platform include identical main and counter spindles and an easily accessable work area. 

Tornos SwissDeco.jpg


The SwissDECO is the next step in bar turning machining from Tornos.  Expanding on the traditional advantages of swiss machines with 3 independent tool systems, the DECO machine adds additional flexibility for tackling the most complex parts. This series of machine comes in a traditional swiss layout, with a turret, or with a B-Axis turret. Available in both 25.4mm and 36mm.

EvoDevo Alt.jpg


Complex small parts are no match for the EvoDECO series.  With 10 linear axis and 2 perfectly interpolable C-axis, reaching features is no problem and there is less need for custom tooling.  4 independent tooling systems can hold up to 27 tools in total with 17 rotating tools possible. Machines are available in four sizes from 10 to 32mm.

Tornos Multispindle.webp


Multispindle swiss machines are the ultimate solution for producing high accuracy parts in large quantities.  Tornos has both 6 and 8 spindle options available depending on the size and complexity of the part.  These machines are able to achieve such high productivity rates by reducing part cycle time to the longest operation time.  Multispindle solutions can also help alleviate floor space issue by replacing several single spindle machines in a smaller footprint.

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Tornos has a full spare part shop online for customer convenience.  Preventative Maintenace packages are available to have a certified Tornos technician keep your machine running at its best. Also, upgrades and updates can be offered to help change over a machine for a new part or replace obsolete components.


Tornos offers a variety of Barfeeders as well as more custom automation solutions.  Whether it is for loading a part with a robot or taking a delicate part out in a special way, Tornos can design and execute the solution in house.

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